Street art

Cartagena is becoming a ghost town. In the midst of the ruins of unocupied houses there is, from time to time, interesting street art.


After leaving Lisbon, I flew to Barcelona, then took a train next day after having breakfast with my dear grandma, headed to Cartagena. Now it's raini[...]

Lisboa - Bye bye!

After 10 days in Lisbon, I must say that it was beautiful, that I discovered very kind people and that I am grateful to have had this experience.


I recently bought myself a classy ARTISAN&ARTIST* camera strap for my Leica M6. A pleasure to be enjoyed only from time to time since I almost don[...]

Like music to my eyes

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These days I've started working for a project called e-codices. I digitalize ancient documents, manuscripts from the Middle-Ages and such. This week, [...]